Blackford Distillery – Pictish Perfection!

By: Andy Christie (Co-Founder, Devenick Drinks)

Based in Aberdeenshire, this family run micro-distillery creates artisanal spirits with provenance, history and authenticity, drawing on Scotland’s distilling heritage and the prehistoric legacy of the Picts in Aberdeenshire. Their logo features the Pictish astronomical calendar, the V rod and crescent, as carved into the Brandsbutt stone in Inverurie and the name Vesper refers to the evening star, rising above Mither Tap on Bennachie.

The Vesperis Pictish Spirits range share 3 locally sourced, classic, Scottish botanicals, which capture the essence of wild Scotland: seasonal apples, handpicked Ling Heather blossom and heather honey. Their spirits are distilled with pure Aberdeenshire spring water, then hand bottled, waxed and labelled with care and passion, all on site at Maryfield of Blackford.

Here at Devenick, we’ve taken stock of Vesperis Heather Honey Vodka – “a smooth, subtly sweet honey vodka with floral heather notes and a warming finish“, Vesperis Botanical Vodka – “a creamy, smooth sipping vodka with the character of gin. Distilled with heather blossom, heather honey and apples” & Vesperis Pictish Gin – “a crisp and clean artisanal gin, juniper forward, with fragrant honey sweetness complemented by floral heather“.

Grab yourself a bottle from our online store and receive free delivery within 15 miles of Aberdeen City –

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