Pure Roasters (Aye,the coffee that is!)

By: Andy Christie (Co-Founder, Devenick Drinks)

We LOVE coffee and most of you LOVE coffee so we had to find some top shelf sh#t to sell.

During our search, it didn’t take long for the name ‘Pure Roasters’ to jump out! Within minutes of sifting through their website we had reached out with a friendly North Eastern hand (it was actually by email but details and all that) to the ‘Dumbarton Don’ who is one of the Directors at Pure Roasters. He came back to us with something along the lines of – “you give us your money, we’ll give you our coffee” (I may have slightly exaggerated this but again, details.…). Before you knew it we had a lovely sample box of Pure Roasters along with an ‘offer we couldn’t refuse’ (see what I done there??).

Since then we’ve already taken a re-stock of coffee from Don as it has proven to be pretty damn popular with our ever-growing customer base.

My best way to describe Pure Roasters would be: “The perfect coffee hit for the morning before, during and after

Don’t just take our word for it, click here to order your Mad Wee Sampler Box today….

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