Mad Ingredients – Engineered to Perfection!

By Andy Christie (Co-Founder, Devenick Drinks)

During our initial search for small batch breweries to work with, Reids Gold stood out like a beacon of light and we wasted no time reaching out to see if they were keen to get on board. Barry’s response to our request was a simple but assured ‘definitely’ and in the same conversation we were introduced to his list of awesome craft beers. After our initial chat, it took us Devenick lads a few more months to get our business ready for trading, but as soon as we were, we took receipt of our first batch of Reids Gold and added them to our online shop – and they were an instant hit, with the likes of ‘Coconut Cookie’, ‘Stonehaven Fireballs’ and ‘North Sea Haar’ going down well with our newly found customer base.

The Back-Story:- The creation of Reids Gold happened back in 2013 after Barry had been given a home brew beer kit for Christmas. This quickly turned into an obsession and he soon became discontent with ‘off-the-shelf’ brew kits so he began experimenting with different recipes. Barry didn’t stop there, using old beer kegs and a fridge turned-fermentation chamber, he built a 50 litre fully automated brewing kit in his garden shed! His engineering background, coupled with being a dab hand at inventing ‘things’ gave him the ability to create a small batch microbrewery with his own hands. Continuing his passion for perfection, Barry invited the Council’s Environmental Health in to inspect his set-up and it passed with flying colours! Fast forward to 2017 and Barry had upgraded his 50 litre set-up to a 300 litre set-up all the way to an all singing all dancing 500 litre system complete with a temperature controlled fermenter, in-house labelling facility and a bottling and keg station.

Reids Gold sums up the type of supplier that we’re both delighted and excited to work with and it’s clear to see why;
I’m on a journey to make some amazing beers, some ‘only vaguely to beer styles’, combining different beer styles and making a few radical beer styles of my own. There are so many options out there and flavours, It’s literally mind blowing. I value every person that hold a Reids Gold beer in their hands and I always do my best to make sure you can get the best beer you deserve. I focus on using as many locally sourced, fresh ingredients I can, and use the purest Scottish water to ensure I make you the best possible handmade, craft beers for you to enjoy. I don’t filter or mess with your beers. I use natural clarification processes and carbonate your beers through secondary fermentation. Barry Reid Reids Gold Brewing Co.”

Stonehaven Fireballs Beer

Over the past 11 months we’ve built a solid our working relationship with Barry and every time we’ve required more stock he was at our door within a few hours. Further to this top notch service, Barry has offered to support Devenick Drinks with some large events this coming summer – a real testament to the kind of chap he is!

As the events and exhibition season starts ramping up you’ll be seeing more of Reids Gold’s latest craft beers gracing Devenick’s stand. You’ll also need to keep an eye open for a wee collab in the coming months🍺👀👏🏻

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