Bankies, Rhododendron’s & Unicorns – Welcome to Mad Bush!

By: Andy Christie (Co-Founder, Devenick Drinks)

Since taking stock of Mad Bush’s G81 Pale Ale at the beginning of December 2021 it has literally flown off the shelf with over 100 bottles sold! On the back of that success we thought it would be good to hear from Lynne & Paul – the brains behind the beer!

Mad Bush Director Lynne has been a keen home brewer for many years and has been involved in numerous beer brewing competitions, one of which resulted in her winning a brewing session down at Drygate. This experience coupled with Lynne’s ‘Nicky Little Homebrew’ to commemorate Clydebank FC’s entry into the ‘100 goals club’ finally convinced her to put her brewing skills into production and just like that, Mad Bush was born!

After moving house in 2017, Lynne quickly uprooted a dying rhododendron bush in her garden and built a small brewing area in its place which is now the spot where her prototype brews are created! The success of the ‘Nicky Little Homebrew’ led to Paul, a lifelong fan and current Director of Clydebank FC to suggest creating an official beer for the club, resulting in G81 Pale Ale.

Using Lynne’s recipe, Mad Bush partnered with Burnside Brewery to commercially produce their G81 Pale Ale which has gone on to become a real favourite with the Bankies faithful as well as the general public. A similar deal was reached with Black Wolf Brewery to brew up a stout which resulted in the creation of ‘Dark Delight’ which was another successful recipe from Lynne. Plans are afoot to add to their core range in 2022 as Lynne and Paul look to establish Mad Bush as a top local brewer. They’ve both been blown away by the positive reactions to their products and can’t thank people enough for supporting them. The 3 of us over at Devenick Drinks firmly believe that this is just the beginning of Mad Bush’s journey and we’re delighted to be part of it!

To date, Mad Bush is one of the fastest selling beers that we’ve stocked. Head over to our online shop and try them for yourself:

Fun Fact #1: Lynne was crowned the beer unicorn as she was often going up and down the UK dropping off beer in various locations as she did her beer tours! Hence why there is a unicorn on their logo!

Fun Fact 2#: Lynne and Paul actually live right next door to my lovely wee Grunny! – small world!!

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