New Snoods!

by: Andy Christie (Co-Founder, Devenick Drinks)

Due to the ongoing requirement for face coverings we thought it’d be a good opportunity to showcase our branding, so we decided to plaster our name all over some sexy snoods. For this, we went to the ace team at XIC Design Print Digital and asked them to conjure up 2 designs for us.

The 1st snood design showcases the Devenick logo as well as a Stone Circle. The gate in our main logo has a significant meaning to the area as it represents the ‘Causey Mounth’ which was an ancient drovers road through Banchory-Devenick. Also used by local merchents to sell their locally produced goods, this road acted as a significant gateway to and from Aberdeen – rather fitting wouldn’t you say?

The stone circle design represents the ‘Auld Bourtreebush’ neolithic stone circle. It was 25 metres in diameter and is through to have been composed of up to 15 megalithic architectural elements, of which only four remain standing to this day.

The 2nd snood just has our main logo plastered all over it because why not…

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