Reids Gold Brewing
Lost To The Sea

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(Tropical Pale Ale) 4.7% ABV

Lost To The Sea has been created in collaboration with Colin Clyne, a Stonehaven born singer songwriter, to support his latest single release, ‘Where The Ships Go To Die’. Reids Gold Brewing Company, together with Colin Clyne have created a juicy, tropical beer packed with real fruit and a thirst quenching freshness. This Tropical Pale Ale contains Banana, Pineapple and Amchur (sour mango), they have added four varieties of hops to add Citrus, Orange and passion fruit and melon flavours. A little flaked oats and lactose have been added to increase body and round out the sourness and the result is a super smooth, light, super tasty beer. Recommended attire to enjoy this beer is a grass skirt and garland but these are not mandatory and only optional to fully appreciate this beer.



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Lost To The Sea”

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