Lost Loch
Singular Series Whisky


(Blended Whisky) 44% ABV


Limited edition Singular Series Whisky – a blended 3 year old whisky that is finished for 24 months in an absinthe cask. Think whisky, aniseed, oak, with a hint of honey sweetness complementing the wormwood.

Big notes of absinthe in the form of sweet liquorice with lemon cheesecake, some almonds and clove. A whisky background of barley sugar and freshly cut grass.


Palate: Liquorice allsorts and cloves upfront, subsiding to sweeter flavours of honeysuckle, custard cream biscuits and coconut.

Dry but fairly short. Liquorice lingers but more citrus fruits.


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Singular Series Whisky”

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